TYO-L Interviews FWEME Entrepreneur: Ms. Dalia Sahily

TYOL entrpreneur Ms. Dahlia Sahily Ms. Dalia Sahily is an entrepreneur in Lebanon's Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East program.

1)    What is your personal background?

My name is Dalia Sahily, and I come from “Bar Elias” in the Bekaa Valley. I studied accounting and got my degree from “Al- Najda El Shaabiya”. Later on, I studied cosmetology and through my experience I became a beauty specialist. I also registered in an English tutoring center to learn the English language. I love swimming, playing piano, dancing, and reading.

2)    What is your business idea?

My business idea is to help people market themselves and their businesses through their image- I aspire to be an “Image Maker”. This idea is all about self improvement and assisting people in achieving their potential, through the image and appearance that they put into the world. All of my friends and colleagues have always asked for my help in shopping, make-up and their overall appearance. As they valued my input, and through my advice made self-improvements, I realized I had a real skill for this. I concentrate on the face specifically, and on fashion generally. Utilizing my skills I aim to create an institute to help people who would like to enhance their image, through their physical attributes.

3)    What learning did you gain from the FWEME trainings?

The FWEME trainings and coaching sessions have been a great experience for me. I can’t even begin to list what I've gained in terms of business knowledge and job skills. I have learned so much about accounting, communication, finance, marketing, and creating a business plan. Everything I've learned is a treasure that I gained from TYO-L. Everyday I am learning new things and moving forward towards achieving my goals. I would like to thank TYO-L for all the support and trainings.  In a way, TYO-L has been my own “image maker.”

4)    What kind of current experience do you have in “Image Making”?

I have five years of experience in cosmetology. I currently have a small business where I sell beauty products, perfumes, and the latest fashions. I have also attended workshops and voluntary seminars, where I used to give free lessons and teach people about the cosmetology process. It was such an amazing experience to watch people gain knowledge, further leading me towards my business idea.

5)    What is your dream or ambition?

I have many dreams and I am always working to make them come true. I’m currently focusing on improving and expanding my business services.