Welcome Spring 2014 Hotel TYO Intern

TYO is pleased to introduce our Spring 2014 Hotel TYO Intern - Natasha.  The Hotel TYO project will generate income to serve beneficiaries as efficiently and effectively as possible. The hotel will include a training center to offer much-needed job training for youth, as well as bringing international attention, support, and revenue to Nablus. Intern Natasha is working on-site at the hotel during her time here. Learn more about Natasha below. Natasha Hotel TYO


Natasha at the Hotel TYO site


Natasha is a dual citizen of the United States and the Dominican Republic. She has previously conducted several excavations in Bolivia, processing artifacts and ceramics. Since graduating in May 2009, she has been doing field studies and surveying historical sites in the US and while there, she did excavations on pre-historic sites. At the Hotel TYO site, Natasha is working on  site excavation, processing artifacts, cataloguing and conducting research.

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