The Status of Youth in the Middle East and Palestine

Volunteer Tha'era practices communication skills and helps the children during Homework Help time Ooredoo- an international communications company that provides customized communication services to users around the world, with particular focus on the Middle East- as recently released findings from a new study detailing the use of technology amongst youth in the Middle East. A summery of the finds, particularly as it pertains to youth in Nablus (and Palestine at large) can be found below:

  • The impact of infrastructure: Palestinian youth spend many hours a day on the internet. This can become problematic when the youth spend more time on internet than on developing their skills out of the academic life. TYO helps youth develop their skills by spending at least three hours at TYO, taking intensive trainings about the importance of voluntary work, the needs of the labor market, and developing the skills needed skills to succeed in the labor market like time management, initiative and leadership skills.

In spite of the optimism of the youth for a better future and the change in people's minds to be more open to the equal job opportunities for males and females in the community, there is still a challenge for the youth to work hard to develop their skills. TYO offers this opportunity for the youth to develop their professional skills in order to be more prepared for the labor market requirements.

-Ruba, Volunteer Coordinator

This program - as part of Student Training and Employment Program (STEP!) - is sponsored in part by the Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation.