Youth in Focus: An interview with Reem Radwan

Student Reem at An-Najah University English classes With generous support from the Abdul –Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF), TYO offers professional competency classes at An-Najah National University to enrolled university students. It is TYO's aim to equip students with the professional skills needed to obtain employment post-graduation and provide them with the confidence needed to excel in their new ventures. Volunteer Coordinator, Ruba Hayfayda, interviews Reem Radwan, a student enrolled in the professional competency class to get her insights as to what she has gained from the class.

Reem Radwan is a senior student in Geography at An-Najah National University and plans to begin working directly following her graduation 2 months from now.

What have you been doing to prepare for your job search?

I have attended several training courses to better my skills in my major, Geography. I also received a public relations training a week ago, and am enrolled in professional competency/English classes at An_Najah University with TYO. Moreover, I’m trying to develop myself through internet and looking for lessons on GIS.

Why did you register for TYO’s professional competency class?

I enrolled in TYO's professional competency class to improve my English skills because it is a needed skill for the local job market, where the vast majority of the jobs require an English speaker.

Which skills you developed during you professional competency lessons?

I learned how to make a CV and how to prepare for a job interview. I learned how to make a quick interview in a job, and how to express and present myself during networking events.  In general, I learned how to be more confident and comfortable while talking to an audience that I don’t know.

Which skills you have covered that weren't addressed in your academic classes?

I hadn't previously learned the proper way to write a CV- I learned a lot about the type of information that should be included as well as the importance of clear formatting. I also learned  valuable communication and teamwork skills because we usually are divided to groups for some activities.  Finally I learned about the body language and how we can use and understand it.

What is the most beneficial part of the classes?

For me, learning how to properly write a CV has been the most valuable part of the class because I’m graduating in 2 months so I’m planning to apply for jobs. Having the CV is very helpful to me to be able to apply for jobs.

Do you feel that you are prepared for the job market now better than before?

Yes, of course. I believe now that I have developed more skills and worked on myself, which enables me to get a job not only in the Ministry of Education, but also in other institutions. I feel now that I can assume my duties in the future job. I wish I started developing my skills from the first year at the university, so I advise everybody to start registering for training to develop their skills.

This program - as part of Student Training and Employment Program (STEP!) - is sponsored in part by the Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation.