TYO Volunteers Reflect on the Spring 2014 Session

Asma' Saleh presents a child's art project Tomorrow's Youth Organization, with generous support from the Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation, is preparing the next generation of leaders with vital professional competency support. Read on to see how we are making an impact in our community with our STEP! program.

Safa' Saleh, a volunteer in the Core Child AM program shares her experience in Spring 2014 session.

I'm Safa' Saleh from Nablus, An-Najah university studied Educational Methods of and graduated in 2012. Currently I’m enrolled in the Core Child morning program offered to children from ages 4-5 years old. In the Core Child morning program we introduce children to different outlets in which students learn to express themselves. Such outlets include: sports class, English class, and storytelling. In these corners, students are encouraged to engage in open expression.

What are the skills you developed or learned about this session?

As I didn't work with children before, I developed my skills on how to deal with them and how to be patient. Regarding the skills I developed, I believe that I already have teamwork, leadership and time management skills but I got the chance to practice them more at TYO. How can you describe your skills after the session?

I can say that my skills in dealing with children are very good now, which makes me proud of myself.

Are you planning to register for next session? Why?

Yes because I liked the organization's environment including kids and staff. I think I will gain more skills in the new session depending on the program I'll join.

What do you expect yourself to learn more about?

I'm planning to volunteer with the Core Child PM program next session to learn more about the program and how to deal with this age, and I'll learn things based on the experience I'll get in this program.

 Is there anything that surprised you that you learned this session?

Yes, I was surprised when I saw the kids' situation. I didn't expect it to be difficult in this way. They really need help as some kids are suffering from serious abuse within the homes.

 What is your best memory from your timing volunteering with TYO this session?

I will always remember the organization's system and how it helps. My best memory was when one of the kids in my group was not talking at all because she was so shy, but she could improve and talk at the end and make a presentation which was surprising.

-Interview conducted by Volunteer Coordinator, Ruba Hafayda