Start Small, Dream Big

FWEME Beneficiary- Mrs. Helene Mallo

They dream big, start small, and develop wonderful results. Our beneficiaries at TYO Lebanon made great results and worked very hard to reach the final phase of the FWEME project. They created different approaches for their business plans and maintained a strong commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

TYO-L  provides the women with enhanced skills and a platform to become productive members of Lebanon's labor force. Services offered by TYO-Lebanon include:

  • Training and support for business expansion, with particular focus on marketing, accounting, and distribution.
  • Development and support on existing craft, design and business skills.
  • Encouragement on the participation of women in accessing to finance through loans.
  • Leading, following, and directing the development of the business.
  • Initial training and individual coaching.
  • English and computer courses.

Women are gaining from their experiences and look forward to future success. Mrs. Helene Saliba Mallo, one of the five FWEME finalists, shares her experience with TYO-L:

“I have always wanted to become a beauty specialist; it was a dream for me ever since I was a child. I traveled to France and completed my studies there. Later on, I got married and started my own business- a beauty salon. I have 12 years of experience in this field and I have a lot of regular customers that I love working with because it’s easier now for me to understand my clients’ desires and needs. TYO-L has encouraged me so much; the staff was always there for me to put my future plans on the right track whether through trainings, courses, or support. Eventually, I became more oriented in terms of reaching my goals through well-developed and organized strategies. I would like to thank TYO-L for this great experience and the assistance they offered. I have many promising days ahead as a result of their hard work.”

Everything needs a base to build on. The women participating in the FWEME program just needed the base in order to grow and TYO-L will continuously seek new and innovative ways to support them.