Best Practices with TYO-L Beneficiaries

TYO-L There is an emerging belief that women make great entrepreneurs. At TYO-L we've been working hard with our beneficiaries to ensure each one of their businesses isn't just successful- but that their business are truly great. In the last phase of the FWEME project, we've observed considerable progress in each of our beneficiary’s business plans. Through careful guidance, leadership, and business training women are developing appreciable local recognition.

TYO-L is assisting each beneficiary in her journey. It is a quite incredible to watch the growth of the women in the program. In an interview with Mrs. Roula Dally El Maiss, she says: “I have always wanted to develop my own school of art “Atmosphere” in the Bekaa Valley. I studied art for 3 years, which I really loved and was able to develop my skills throughout years. Even though I have 20 years of experience,  developing and establishing a new project is a really hard task to do on my own. I didn't know anything about developing a business plan before the training and I was a bit concerned about managing my family and work obligations, however, FWEME trainings and on the one-on-one coaching sessions put me on the right track and helped me to manage my time and pursue my ambitions. As a result,  Atmosphere is on the way. Through it I want to create space for talented people to connect. I would like to thank TYO-L for all the assistance and support that it has provided all this period of time.”

Many women feel they face a unique set of challenges to starting a business. In addition to all of the normal growing pains associated with trying to market their ideas, establish a customer base, and turn a profit, they need to fight a traditional culture that tries to define their roles as limited to the home. TYO-L has been so proud to watch participants stand up and fight for their dreams and act as models to women in their communities.