FWEME Entrepreneurs in Lebanon Expand Their Horizons!

come a great model for all women entrepreneurs! Through FWEME, TYO-Lebanon's efforts focus on integrating businesses skills training with other essential skills to provide female entrepreneurs in Lebanon with the tools they need to be successful businesswomen. The two year program is now in the third and final phase. Women have received extensive business training and coaching throughout the project and are now focusing on developing their English and IT skills, expanding their networks, growing their businesses, and accessing financial support. The women are also receiving additional training support from BLC Bank’s Women’s Empowerment (WE) Initiative. All of the phases of the project have come together to provide a solid foundation that nurtures the entrepreneurs’ skills, creativity, capability and confidence.

As a result of the extensive training provided by TYO-L, entrepreneurs in the program are now prepared to handle any challenge. The entrepreneurs have each developed solid skill sets and the confidence they need to be leaders in their communities and successful agents of social change for themselves, their families, other women and their greater societies.

Mrs. Tilda Moutran, one of TYO-L's beneficiaries, is a serious, passionate and dedicated entrepreneur. At the start of the project, her family discouraged her from launching her own business, afraid of the challenges she would face and the responsibility that being a business owner brings. Despite the skepticism of her support system, Tilda decided to move forward with her cement and tile company, relying on her sound work ethic and desire to make her business a financial success. Through her work with FWEME, she has been able to expand her network and address her greatest challenege: marketing. Prior to joining the program, Tilda was not confident in her marketing ability, but she's since gained the knowledge she needs to be successful. Tilda, equipped with her SMART business plan, is ready to take her business to the next level and is creating a fully functional  website, utilizing online marketing tools to increase her customer base.

-TYO Lebanon