TYO and Google One Today

Have you heard of the One Today app by Google? One Today lets users easily give $1 each day to causes and nonprofits that inspire them. It's a way to make an easy, affordable, one-time donation to causes that you want to support. Each organization presents a compelling statistic that explain why the work they do is so crucial, and you'll learn how just $1 truly can make a difference. We're excited to announce that TYO is now on One Today! Here's our story:

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 93% of children in Palestine have faced domestic violence. At TYO, we implement holistic, therapy-based educational programs for more than 1,000 children per year, offering nearly 800 hours of art, sports, drama, music and storytelling classes. Our programs give refugees and other disadvantaged children in Palestine an educational environment that fosters safety and security, while providing them with key outlets to express their feelings, anxieties and emotions.

$1 = 1 hour of art therapy classes for children. By making a simple $1 donation to TYO, you can help bring education and a smile to the most disadvantaged children in Nablus, Palestine.

OneTodayDownload the app today for Android or iPhone, iPad and iPod to get started!