Do you remember the #LikeAGirl video that took the world by storm in 2014? Now, Always is back with a new video reminding us what it means to be unstoppable #LikeAGirl:

[youtube VhB3l1gCz2E]

A TYO, we focus our programs heavily on women's and girl's empowerment. Read a few quotes from our program participants and learn more about their stories by clicking the links:

"My interest in volunteering at TYO stemmed from my positive experiences as a child beneficiary at TYO. When I was younger I used to attend classes at TYO. I was in a bad situation and frustrated at that time, but TYO opened new doors for me to have my hope in life back again. At the time I really appreciated that TYO accepted me as a girl. I just wanted to be able to play the same as boys, and was so thankful to find TYO in a culture that doesn’t allow the girls to play out of the homes as boys do."

- Mayyada, TYO volunteer


"There is no other place where I feel so comfortable and relaxed. As a woman and mother in our society, you carry a huge burden on your shoulders; as soon as I walk through TYO’s doors, I feel that the burden is released. I enjoy meeting other women from around Nablus the most. At home, I only interact with my relatives and my close neighbors; if I speak up and share my dreams or day-to-day challenges, I am judged and critiqued to the point that I do not feel comfortable or free to speak about myself. At TYO, I not only have a right to speak about my dreams and challenges, but everyone pushes me to do so. Also, the women in my classes come from all over Nablus and the surrounding villages, which removes the kind of closeness and judgment that I experience at home."

- Salam, TYO mother and TWG participant


"In my village, it’s not acceptable for a woman to work in any field other than working as a teacher- certainly not owning one’s own business. But I am confident that I can- and will- do this, and show other women and girls in my community that they must achieve their dreams."

-Nuhood, TYO WISE woman entrepreneur 


"I have greatly appreciated TYO’s mixed gender environment, where boys and girls are integrated in the same classes and male and female volunteers work together in those classrooms. That is not something you would typically see in Nablus or in Palestine overall. It has taught me a lot as a future teacher, particularly how you can use mixed gender classrooms to increase the confidence of girls and teach them that they are equal in their abilities to boys." - Asmaa, TYO volunteer