Welcome to TYO Summer Camp 2015!

Summer Camp 2015-1 As the days get hotter, the ice cream melts faster, and the outdoor fun gets louder, we here at TYO only have one thing on our minds: Summer Camp 2015!

All around the U.S. and other countries in the midst of summer, camps are in full-swing with thousands of youth of all ages experiencing the fun. At TYO, we’ve decided to give our youth in the Khallet al Amood neighborhood of Nablus a similar experience with our 2015 Summer Camp starting Monday, July 27th. For youth in Palestine, focusing on cognitive, emotional, and physical development is often overlooked in formal academic settings. That's why non-formal education programs offered at TYO are so vital - especially among youth who are often frustrated by their daily challenges and hopeless about their future.

The 13-14 year old group enjoys a fun "getting to know you" game.

This summer, we are excited to welcome over sixty 9-14 year-olds for 4 weeks of team-building, sports, drama, karate, pool time, and summer camp activities emphasizing a sense of community and positive communication skills.

Our Core Child Program teachers have been busy at work and have spent the last month in between sessions to prepare lessons, games, and team cheers for each of their classes.  TYO is also taking a team-teaching approach to Summer Camp to give the teachers an opportunity to work together and learn from one another.

We’re looking forward to a great camp experience for our youth, teachers, and volunteers.  Stay tuned to read more about our Summer Camp 2015 activities right here on our blog!

-IIFC Emma Stensvaag