APWE Outreach Begins: It's Time to Pound the Pavement in Palestine!

Fida' develops her Facebook page in the Business IT intensive. We at Tomorrow’s Youth Organization are thrilled to begin our recruitment process for our upcoming entrepreneurial program, Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs (APWE). APWE is our fifth entrepreneurship program that seeks to help women in Northern Palestine establish or expand their micro-businesses. This session we are excited to offer two tracks – an advanced track for entrepreneurs who have completed a previous training program and an introductory track for women who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

Upon being selected to be a part of APWE, the fun will have only just begun! The women will have an opportunity to attend psychological and social trainings with TYO’s in-house psychologist; develop or refine their business plans with Ramallah-based Small Enterprise Center (SEC); participate in a three-week business English and IT intensive, and create their marketing materials after working with a branding and marketing expert. And this is just a sample of everything the women will have an opportunity to dive into.

Because Tomorrow’s Youth Organization prioritizes working with women in Northern Palestine, our outreach efforts will focus on women residing in this region. We know that Northern Palestine does not have a high concentration of resources and donor investment as the rest of the country yet its people boast a wealth of untapped motivation and talent. We are counting down the days until we “pound the pavement” visiting Chambers of Commerce throughout Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, and Tubas to announce our upcoming program, interview potential applicants throughout the North, and get this entrepreneurial ball rolling!

-Women's Empowerment Program Manager Vanessa Faraj