Summer Camp 2015 Week 2

Our youth enjoy lots of camp activities at our Summer Camp 2015 including a fun game of "tug-of-war." We’ve wrapped up our first week of Summer Camp 2015 and it’s been a blast!  With 63 youth ages 9-14 coming every day from 10am-3pm, there’s hardly been any time for any of us to take a breath.  Youth have engaged in various activities like outdoor water games, volleyball, soccer, drama (their favorite!), karate, team-building exercises, and benefitted from our curriculum focusing on psycho-social development.

But why Summer Camp 2015? For the youth we serve in Nablus, we know that the daily summer camp activities we’re providing are critical to their psycho-social growth and development as well as their feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.  TYO has established a welcoming atmosphere of safety and security, belonging, and friendship and community all while ensuring the fun that comes with summer camp.

As one of our Core Child Program teachers Haitham, who has taken on the role of a co-teacher for this Summer Camp 2015 puts it, “For me, summer camp is a time for children to discuss and talk with adults and other children about themselves, about family, and enjoy summer camp activities while also learning new skills like volleyball and drama.  We also get to take the kids to the pool which is exciting for them as they don’t get to go usually.”

Summer Camp 2015 kids learn more about their community and themselves through different forms of art expression.

Our hope is for the kids we serve to come every day with a sense of belonging, an enthusiasm to learn more about themselves and others, and to look forward to the play and activities we immerse ourselves in each day. Come back for more information about our Summer Camp 2015 which will run from now until August 20th!

-International Internship and Fellowship Coordinator Emma Stensvaag