Welcoming our Fall 2015 Zahi Khouri Fellow, Moh!

Mohammad, or ‘Moh,’ is thrilled to join TYO this fall as a Zahi Khouri Fellow! Mo bio pic

Last spring, Moh graduated from Ottawa University with a degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. Throughout university, Moh got involved with local youth empowerment and engagement initiatives, including working with the Ottawa police as the coordinator for their Youth in Policing Initiative program; the program aimed to involve youth from at-risk communities in the Ottawa area with the programs and services offered by the Ottawa police.

Though born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, his roots are actually quite close to Nablus. He comes from a family of Palestinian refugees who left Palestine in both 1948 and 1967. His father was born in a village close to Ramallah, and has not been back to Palestine since the age of 7. For that reason, and because Moh believes TYO does much-needed work in the Nablus community, it is a dream for him to join TYO for the next couple of months.

Outside of work, Moh enjoys sports, travel, food, and photography, and is always open to trying new things and exploring new places. He is very excited to teach IT classes for our Women’s Group, offer professional competency classes for TYO’s youth volunteers, and help TYO kickstart our Khallet el Amoud neighborhood soccer team. He cannot wait to get started!