Humans of Nablus 14

DSC02358 I was born in Saudi Arabia, but my family is originally from Nablus. My brother and sister and I all grew up hearing stories of Nablus, and so we missed it even before we lived here. They would talk about our family, how when they were growing up, you would spend so much time together. They talked about the look and feel of the city. The beautiful buildings, walking in the open streets. They used to be much more open, but sadly that is different now. Nablus has always been very dear to me.

ولدت بالمملكة العربية السعودية ولكن عائلتي اصلا من مدينة نابلس. ترعرعت انا واخوتي ونحن نسمع القصص عن نابلس ولذا تولد لدينا الشعور بالاشتياق اليها من بعيد. لقد كانوا يتحدثون عن العائلة هناك وايام الصبا التي قضوها معا . تحدثوا عن مظاهر المدينة ومشاعرها , عن المباني والسير بشوارعها المفتوحه التي لم تعد كذلك اليوم فالامر مختلف الان بكل اسف. نابلس
 كانت ولا زالت عزيزة جدا على قلبي.


Tamam is a participant in the STEP! II EFL program. The STEP! II EFL program is part of the youth employability, empowerment, and community leadership initiative supported by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.