Humans of Nablus 36


I really enjoy studying languages. I recently started learning how to play the guitar with one of TYO’s teachers. I was amazed by how learning music feels like learning another language. You need only learn certain sounds, symbols and patterns and how to put them together. Now I’m starting to play songs in English, and I’m excited to become even better in the language.

انا استمتع حقا بدراسة اللغات . مؤخرا بدأت تعلم العزف على الجيتار مع واحد من اساتذة منظمة شباب الغد .لقد كان شعور رائع كيف ان تعلم الموسيقى شعوره نفس شعور تعلم اي لغه اخرى . مع الفرق انك تحتاج ان تتعلم اصوات معينة, نماذج ورموز وكيفية وضعها مع بعضها. الان بدأت غزف بعض الاغاني الانجليزية ولدي حماسة كبيرة لاصبح افضل باللغه

Abdallah is a student in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program as part of STEP! II, a youth employability, empowerment, and community leadership initiative supported by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.