Earth Day Everyday

Plastic bottle caps of different shapes and colors create the TYO logo. Art is a universal method of communication that does not depend upon language or structure to share a message. At TYO, the importance of art as a form of expression and source of joy can  be viewed throughout the building through paintings, photographs, and creative projects. Participants across TYO's programs have the opportunity to create and build their message through various art projects with special emphasis placed on using recycled materials. By using recycled materials, it becomes clear that something beautiful can be made with items other people might consider to be without value.

Children make flowers out of recycled paper towel rolls during their Core class.

For the children in TYO's early childhood education program, or Core, art is an important aspect of the classroom experience. It is through art that children learn shapes and colors, express their creativity, and bring their imaginations to life. Using recycled materials also allows children to recreate art projects, or develop projects of their own, from items found in their neighborhoods or homes without cost to their families. Diminishing the barriers to creative methods of expression gives children the tools needed to have their imaginations flourish while also taking care of the earth. For us here at TYO, every day is Earth day!


- Lindsey, International Internship & Fellowship Coordinator