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Walking the Peace Path

“Use your words.” It’s a phrase I heard countless times as a kid, and one that naturally slipped into my vocabulary as an adult. Yet after the first few weeks of teaching an energetic class of second graders at TYO, I started to feel like a broken record repeating this adage of the past. Every accidental nudge, misunderstanding, or interpersonal issue snowballed into a larger conflict

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Winning Over the Fear of Losing

Every second grader hates to lose. Building a healthy relationship with defeat is not easy for adults, much less for 7-year-olds. At TYO’s summer program, youth learn critical socioemotional skills through play. This involves lots of engagement, excitement, and fun, but with games also comes the possibility of losing.

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You Can Do It! A New Approach to Early Childhood Education

Basem Hasoun joined TYO in November 2017 as the Early Childhood Program Manager. Before joining TYO, he obtained a degree in Primary Education at Al Yarmouk University in Jordan. He wanted to be part of TYO because he believes in TYO values, which focus on a creative and holistic approach to learning that targets children, mothers, and the family.

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