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Work, Surf, and Learn

TYO provides students with access to technology and educational resources that are not commonly found in local public schools. Technology-based learning is an invaluable tool in the digital age which has the capacity to transform how students use their time online. In this week’s interview with Mo-ayyed Maklouf, a longtime employee of TYO, he shares how the computer went from being a distraction to a learning exercise in his home. He has two children currently enrolled in the academic support program that offers after-school instruction in math, English and Arabic.

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The Olive Harvest in Palestine: Teaching New Perspectives

In densely populated areas, it can be challenging for children and youth to find safe and open spaces to play freely. Many of TYO’s beneficiaries come from the Old City in Nablus and nearby refugee camps, which are heavily congested and offer limited prospects for healthy child development. In this week’s interview with Sabah from the Old City, she shares how her daughter Aya, who is in the academic support program, has had the opportunity to connect with nature and learn through play at TYO.

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Growing Up at TYO: Fostering Critical Thinking and Improving Communication

TYO has been a staple in the Nablus community since its onset in 2008 and many children have grown up as beneficiaries of our multilevel programming. In order to learn about the long-term impact(s) of TYO programming on development, we must take the time so speak with our most senior program recipients. This week we had the opportunity to meet with Jenan and her son Salim, who have both been involved with TYO since the beginning, to hear about their experiences.

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