Representing Nablus in Bethlehem

On Thursday, 3 December The Abraham Path Initiative and several partner organizations sponsored "Cultural Walking Tourism in Palestine" a seminar on the various themes of cultural walking in Palestine at Bethlehem University. Following the seminar, attendees were invited to participate in a virtual path exhibition composed of kiosks representing cities and villages in Palestine. Several TYO volunteers led by Volunteer Coordinator Imad and myself represented Nablus along the virtual path. It was a productive seminar and a very exciting day.  The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel to the southern West Bank and interact with their peers at Bethlehem University. It is not boastful to say that we easily displayed the most spirit and pride. TYO volunteers engaged visitors along the virtual path in stories about Nablus and TYO, songs and kanafe!

Following the exhibition, Imad and I took the volunteers into Manger Square to take in the local sites, including the Church of the Nativity which many had never previously visited. "Going to the Church of the Nativity was my favorite part of the trip," said Nasser, 21, from Beit Iba. "It was my first time there and it is important to me to visit because it is the most famous church in Bethlehem."


Chelsey is the Program Coordinator at TYO Nablus.