Mobile solutions for Arab Women Entrepreneurs

TYO is thrilled about our new three-way Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment with long-time partners, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and SoukTel. We will expand our work with each organization and coordinate efforts in order to offer women entrepreneurs cutting-edge mobile technologies to advance the launch and take-off of their businesses. Specifically, our 2010 CGI Commitment to Action has two components:

  1. Distribution lists will be used by TYO and other partners to share useful information with the women in our entrepreneurship programs including business tips, financial management advice and also knowledge related to women's health, motherhood and personal development. Once they launch their businesses, we will help the same entrepreneurs develop their own distribution lists so that they can publicize their business and send potential clients promotions by SMS.
  2. SoukTel will build a closed network of entrepreneurs from our joint projects with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women as well as mentors. Through this mobile phone network, participants will have real-time and low-cost access to knowledge and advice by sending a question via SMS to the entire group, and receiving replies for free directly on their mobile handset.

Mrs. Blair and Mohammad Kilany of SoukTel spoke on a CGI panel about innovative mobile solutions last week (see above), where our innovative initiative was received with great enthusiasm by fellow panelists and audience members. In particular, the partnership's ability and commitment to address women's comprehensive needs as businesspeople, individuals and parents was recognized as having great potential for impact and sustainable social change. Stay tuned for our CGI progress reports through the year!