"Suwarna" Moves to Nablus on November 6!


Our Pictures

A Photography Exhibition by the Children of Nablus City and Refugee Camps


November 6, 7, 8

9AM to 5PM

Hamdi Munko Center, Nablus


Take a trip around Nablus through the eyes of her children: begin downtown at the central circle to see costumed juice vendors, shoppers, and Nabulsi goods being sold, pass through the Old City to visit the children’s homes, pets, and the local shopkeepers, climb up the high stairways toward the hillside neighborhood of Khallet al-Amood, and move to the edges of the city where the homes, schools, and streets of Balata refugee camp, Askar refugee camp, and Al-Ayn refugee camp are found. Continue on to the villages outside the city, where life-sustaining olive trees grace the landscape as the pools in family waterparks lie half-empty.

"Triple Exposure" is a TYO photography and public art project for youth from the refugee camps, Old City, and marginalized neighborhoods of Nablus. The project harnesses the unique ability of art education to encourage creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, analytical abilities, and a sense of identity among youth.

For further information: please visit www.TripleExposure.net.

“Suwarna” (Our Pictures) is an exhibition of photography taken by the participants in this project: Palestinian boys and girls, ages 10 to 16, who have used their cameras over the past year to capture their homes, neighborhoods, schools, friends, hobbies, and daily moments of beauty.

Directions to the Hamdi Munko Center: Hamdi Munko is located on Muntaza Street next to the Jamal Abdel Nasser Municipal Park in downtown Nablus, near the Nablus Mall. The center is behind the Municipal Stadium.

To contact the exhibition organizers: please call Doris at 059-858-8795 or 2380352, extension 116. You can also write to doris[at]tomorrowsyouth.org.

To contact the Hamdi Munko Center: please call 9-2337019.

“Suwarna” would not have been possible without the tireless support of the Tomorrow’s Youth Organization staff and volunteers, the Hamdi Munko staff, the Nablus Municipality, and Zoom Advertising. We are sincerely grateful for their efforts.