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2018: A Year of Hope

Suhad Jabi Masri is the Center Director of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization and has worked with the organization for ten years. She specializes in therapy for women who suffer from domestic abuse and traumatized children and families. Suhad holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from An Najah University, a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from European University in Switzerland, and a Master of Arts in Family Therapy from the University of Rochester in New York. As Center Director, she approaches TYO’s programs with the goal to empower people to realize their potential, broaden their thinking, and shape their own futures.

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A Home Away From Home, But With More Hummus

So, where to start? Nablus, here I am. It’s almost as if I have been dropped here from the sky like the human icon from Google Maps is, straight from Western Europe but naturally without the dragging aspect. At first glance, Nablus is almost like a scene from a movie, a Hollywood blockbuster where white ajnabi (foreigners) visit a distant land in the East, shrouded in mystery which is heightened by a rich culture and unique attire.

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