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Lonely No More: An Interview With Minna

Minna is 3rd grade student from the neighborhood of Khallet al Amood. She heard about TYO from her friends at school. The students were enrolled in the Core program and told Minna about the activities they do and how fun they have at TYO. After hearing about the opportunity to play with other kids her age, Minna decided to register for the Core Child Program. This is Minna’s first session at TYO.

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A TYO Family Joins the Academic Support program: The Story of Maha and Ro'a

Last week, we were trilled to start of the Summer 2016 Academic Support Program. The program, which caters to 9-14 year olds, piloted this past spring and was a major success. In its pilot stage, the program was available to children in the immediate neighborhood of TYO, Khallet El Amoud. However, its achievements allowed the organization to expand the program's reach to the larger community of Nablus including the four refugee camps in the city.

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