8 Facts about Computer Usage in Palestine, 6 Ways TYO Fills the Gaps

Just recently, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics published a report about access to technology in Palestinian homes entitled: Household Survey on Information and Communications Technology, 2014. At TYO, we understand the great value and importance IT literacy plays in today's modern age. As such, the findings from the report are surprising - as access to technology around the world is growing, Palestine is still far behind. The following are 8 starling facts about the current computer usage in Palestine:

  1. 36.9% of households in Palestine don't own a computer
  2. 51.7% of households have no internet access
  3. 20.4% of children ages 10-14 do not have any access to a computer
  4. 45.2% of females in Palestine do not use computers
  5. 45.3% of Palestinians use the internet to study
  6. 17.9% of Palestinians use the internet at school/university
  7. 10.6% of Palestinians use free public internet at youth centers
  8. 39.1% of children living in refugee camps, ages 5-17, do not use computers

Core AM girl computer

How can TYO strive to ensure we're filling the gaps for children, women and youth in Palestine with little-to-no access to computers or the internet? In Nablus, we not only have noticed a strong need for computer literacy, but also a strong desire from people of all ages in learning more about computers. In direct response, TYO implements IT lab classes, seminars and trainings in every single one of our programs! Here are 6 specific ways that TYO aims to provide IT education for all:

  1. Basic computer functions and operation lessons for children 4-5 years old, aiming to improve upon their small motor skills.
  2. Game-based ESL computer programs for children 6-8 years old, working to strengthen their mastery of the English language.
  3. Internet research-based computer activities for adolescents 9-15 years old, striving to foster healthy and educational relationships with computers and the internet.
  4. Essential Microsoft Office programs for women and mothers, seeking to empower Palestine's primary caregivers' knowledge in IT literacy, programs, and the needed tools to protect their families.
  5. Business IT trainings for aspiring female entrepreneurs, building upon their budgeting, marketing and social media skills to strengthen their businesses.
  6. Employability skills for youth and university students, teaching seminars on CV/resume writing, cover letter writing, and tools for online job searching.

Intern kids on computer

To learn more about TYO and the IT programs we offer to Nablus' most disadvantaged beneficiaries, learn about the success of IT in the International Internship Program, CV clinics for university students, business IT classes for FWEME participants, and social media & internet safety tips for mothers.