The Show Goes On

You may have thought the UEFA Champions League Final between Barcelona and Man Utd marked the official end of football this year. As Barca delivered another virtuoso performance, perhaps the final flourish towards establishing their legacy as one of the best club sides ever, you may have been left thinking, well, now what? After all, this is neither a World Cup summer nor do we have the European Championships to look forward to. It sure looked like a long wait until August when the club seasons recommenced. Fear not, however. Here in Nablus, football rages on as all those millionaire professionals take their holidays on beaches around the world. Indeed, this past Sunday, we welcomed in a great crew of habibis and habibtis, boys and girls between the ages of seven and ten, to take part in an assortment of drills and matches. On Monday, the old hands returned, all those fourteen and overs who were members of our original, flagship Midnight Football program. These young men have been here at TYO since March, competing and having fun each and every Monday. Some of the older ones have even volunteered to help out as coaches for the other age levels of our program, a huge gain in building the kind of culture and continuity we need to ascertain that the football at TYO continues on ad infinitum.

Today, we’ll have the intermediate age group out on the pitch; after a few weeks of trials and evaluations, they're ready to fire away in official league play. Check out the photos below to get a better idea of the great things happening here!