The Super Seven

In between the critical thinking skills, confidence boosting, English proficiency, and creativity, the interns of TYO have one very simple, but indispensable goal – providing a space for kids to be kids. The Super Seven – interns Alex, Amy, Cate, Mark, Megan, Samin, and Tala – are off and running. Some of us are first time teachers and some are not. Some incorporate the teachings of leading pedagogues and some spend the evenings memorizing Raffi songs. We’ve debated the value of games, activities, and techniques over our friendly neighborhood falafel sandwiches. But, at the end of the day, we just want our kids to enter our classrooms ready to relax, have some fun and, insha’allah, maybe learn a little something, too.

Each intern faces unique challenges. Samin teaches English to 9-11 year olds. Developing a flexible and evolving curricula is definitely a complex task. Furthermore, because English is already taught in formal schooling, Samin is also tasked with developing fun, unique teaching methods in line with the informal, psychosocial approach promoted at TYO. How has she responded? She plans to boost students’ sense of self while cleverly incorporating vocabulary with her “Who am I?” unit this summer. Stay tuned to the TYO blog for updates on Sly Samin’s progress in the classroom.

Alex and I are working to implement TYO’s first Creative Thinking curriculum. Our goals range from encouraging creative problem solving to providing a space for unabated self-expression. “I just want to make them laugh,” Alex tells me, her arms full of school supplies. “If they’re laughing, they’re having fun.”

Although our strategies vary as much as our favorite Shawarma, we all agree on one thing: it’s all about the kids. Stick with us for updates, projects, victories, whimsical mishaps, and lots more as the Super Seven and TYO’s awesome staff and volunteers work to serve the Nablus community. This is gonna be good.

- Amy

Amy is a summer intern at TYO Nablus.