TYO Summer Interns visit Rawabi

On Saturday, June 10, 2011 the TYO summer interns visited Rawabi - the first planned city in Palestine. Rawabi is situated 9 kilometers north of Ramallah and 25 kilometers south of our hometown, Nablus.

Standing on the breathtaking hills of the future development complex that will provide 40,000 Palestinians affordable housing in the next few years was inspiring! The city will encompass a central commercial area with banks, retail shops, medical offices, schools, community playgrounds, walking trails, a hospital, a hotel, a movie theater and other arts venues. For those of us that have the privilege of living in the West Bank, we know the endless obstacles that come with such an ambitious endeavor. That’s why seeing Rawabi’s commitment to ensure the environmental sustainability and preservation of the natural features of the site in light of all the other challenges was encouraging. Rawabi’s vision is to serve as a prototype of the first Palestinian green city and ultimately to guarantee a higher quality of life for present and future generations.

- Humaira

Humaira is the Nablus Center Director for Tomorrow’s Youth Organization.