Introducing the New Triple Exposure Gallery

In 2009, TYO launched the Triple Exposure initiative to provide arts education to underserved youth from Balata, Askar, and el-Ein refugee camps, as well as from the Old City and Khallet al-Amood, two other disadvantaged neighborhoods of Nablus. Through Triple Exposure, students have completed art and photography projects in and around Nablus and the West Bank, developing their identity, awareness, and vocational skills. In order to better highlight the artistic efforts of these student photographers and artists, Triple Exposure has been hard at work on creating an online Triple Exposure Gallery. After several weeks spent organizing and polishing the new space, it is ready to be enjoyed by any and all interested in seeing the world through the lens of a child in Palestine.

The site can be found at the same Triple Exposure web address,, or through the Triple Exposure page on the TYO website. As always, blog posts about the program's student artwork and photography will continue to be uploaded here, on the TYO blog, every week. For more examples of student artwork and multimedia, however, please visit the new gallery. It will be uploaded with galleries from classroom activities and examples of outstanding student work on a regular basis.

To navigate the gallery, just scroll horizontally through the pages and click on any post in order to comment. Let the students in Nablus know how their art has touched you.