The End of Orientation, the Start of Classes

Our interns completed an intensive orientation last week and are now ready for classes to begin tomorrow! The orientation schedule included sessions on professionalism, time management and monitoring & evaluation reports. Interns enjoyed learning more about Nablus with an introduction to refugee camps and dynamics, a tour of Nablus' Old City and multiple trips to local food stores! They also met with their volunteers and translators this past week, partaking in trainings, meetings and a group lunch! As a away to end orientation, the interns hiked Wadi Qelt, right outside of Jericho. Ending at St. George's Monastery, the breathtaking hike was a great way for the team to bond and get to know each other better. This afternoon, they are working hard with their volunteers, putting the final touches on their classrooms and curricula. Come back next Sunday to hear from the interns themselves as they start our first installment of TYO's Intern Journal this fall session!