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Shared Excitement and a Hunger to Learn

Language education on the global scale becomes of greater importance everyday. With expanding communities through social media, sometimes language is the only barrier that separates human beings and ideas. Upon my arrival to Nablus, I felt a sincere interest and urgency in learning the local Arabic dialect from the most simple of phrases regarding food or directions to more complex vocabulary surrounding the history and culture of the Nabulsi people. Entering Nablus and jointing the TYO team as an EFL fellow, I was especially interested to know and understand the language of my incoming students.

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A Recipe for Cultural Exchange
A Sensational Summer

This week, as we settle into life at TYO, we reflect on our experiences thus far through the senses of sight, sound, and touch. Mitch

In TYO's neighborhood of Khallet al-Amood, the sight of children playing in the street is a common fixture. During my less than two weeks here, I have grown accustomed to seeing them scramble back a forth across the street chasing a soccer ball every time I leave the center or look out the kitchen window. Although it always amazes me to watch them power BMX bikes up an incline that rivals anything in San Francisco, their presence is a constant reminder of the lack of early childhood education in the West Bank and the importance of TYO's Core Program for children.

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TYO Intern Alumni: Where are They Now?