TYO Recommends: October 21, 2011

So many great links to share this week...good thing its Friday! Enjoy and as always, let us know what you think. Share your recommendations with us in the comments section.

INTERVIEW: TYO friend and support, Usama Malek, discussing RACING THE PLANET for TYO on Palestine Note.

VIDEO: Bring on the laughs! A hilarious clip from the CLINTON FOUNDATION Celebrity Division (via Funny or Die).

A MESSAGE we can get behind: "I'm a girl. You know I'm going to change the world!" (Seasame Street, Huffington Post)

Follow on piece to last week's TYO blog article on FITNESS in early childhood (Huffington Post).

VIDEO: WAR-TOYS is documentary film that follows artist/photographer Brian McCarty as he documents how children in Israel and Palestine use play therapy to deal with the violence and war around them.

In support of extracurriculars and non-formal education: the academic value of NON-ACADEMICS.

Stepping up skills for BETTER JOBS begins with strong early childhood development (World Bank Blog).