"Women hold up half the sky"

Campaigns like The Girl Effect and bestsellers like Half the Sky have taught us that one of the best ways to fight poverty, counter violence and progress society is to educate girls. When you educate a boy you invest in his future, but if you educate a girl you invest in an entire community. The potential that women have to make transformative changes in their families and communities is the very reason why TYO is committed to them. The male dominated cultural tradition of TYO's target areas has led to a lack of women in leadership positions socially, economically, and politically. TYO recognizes that women play can play an instrumental role in contributing to society if they are given the opportunity. That is why programs like FWEN & The Women's Group, and integration of women into social and educational related programs that promote a culture of literacy are specifically targeted to women at TYO. Through our collaboration with the U.S. Consulate and the Middle East Partnership Initiative to foster a culture of reading in Nablus, it is apparent that women increasingly grasp the importance of education, of being involved in volunteering their time to teach children to read, and building their own capacity by partaking in workshops and trainings. The FWEN program is allowing for more women to become an active part of the labor force by utilizing their creative talents and business savvy. The Women’s Group is providing the know-how to make better decisions in health and lifestyle in order to meet their full potential. With the growing numbers of women finding their way to our center requesting to join the women's programs, it is clear that they are taking steps to empower themselves, and consequently advancing their entire community.

The TED Talk below, by co-author of Half the Sky - Sheryl WuDunn, stresses the full integration of women into society as being of utmost importance to ensure a better future for tomorrow's youth.