TYO Recommends: 11-11-11

Happy Friday!

In honor of 11-11-11, here are 11 RECOMMENDED LINKS to check out this weekend.


SUMMIT: This weekend is Harvard's ARAB WEEKEND, bringing together prominent Arab Alumna, officials from the region, practitioners, and more to discuss the Arab (R)evolution and what's next? Follow @tomorrowsyouth on Twitter for soundbites from the conference.

For-profit good? Return on investment? An interesting discussion about SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the next generation of giving (Washington Post).

INFOGRAPHIC: As part of their 50th Anniversary celebration, USAID shares: LEARNING OUT OF POVERTY.

VIDEO: This music video from MAMA HOPE will surely put a smile on your face!

Quincy Jones is adapting his song TOMORROW, which was sung at TYO's first annual Gala last October, with music superstars from across the Arab world. The benefit concert takes place tonight in Abu Dhabi.

INFOGRAPHIC: Who rules SOCIAL MEDIA? Our friends at craigconnects.org examine social media impact by non-profit issue.

The first Egyptian FEMALE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE begins her campaign!

You don't need to be part of the billionaire club to think like one. Check out BILL GATES' reading list for ending poverty and saving the planet.

ARAB FILM: "Film-making is always a struggle, but the obstacles in the Arab world dwarf anything we in the west encounter (The Guardian)."

KUDOS: The GLOBAL FUND FOR EDUCATION'S target is to raise $2.5 billion over the next 3 years, providing 50 million new textbooks, train 600,000 new teachers and help enrol 25 million children in school. It will also help halve illiteracy among third graders in at least 20 countries, allow more children to complete primary school and contribute to fostering gender equality in education systems.

EXHIBIT: New PHOTOGRAPHY exhibit on Israel and Palestine at the Mosaic Rooms in London (Culture 24)