Weekly Round Up: Week of November 6, 2011

The TYO center in Nablus was closed this week. Classes will begin again on Sunday after a well deserved vacation for the staff. Happy Eid to all those celebrating! But just because the center was closed, did not mean the blogging stopped! Here are the blog posts from the past week...

Sunday, November 6

Check out this sweet VIDEO of color day at TYO organized by the interns. Even if you caught it the first time -- once is not enough!


Monday, November 7

A follow up to last week's article on combating chronic ABSENTEEISM in non-formal education.


Tuesday, November 8

Interview with HANEEN, a gifted and dedicated translator at TYO.


Wednesday, November 9

How can PHOTOGRAPHY be used to tell a story? Hear Mujahed's experience.


Thursday, November 10

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? We think LAMIA might have the answer: "I refuse to be a failure, and am always searching for new opportunities."


Friday, November 11

11 RECOMMENDATIONS in honor of 11-11-11, including Bill Gate's reading list, Harvard's Arab Weekend, Arab film and photography, infographics, video, and more!