Interview with Ms. Athar Kouja

Athar is yet another one of the 20 women currently participating in the WEL project in North Lebanon and below we share with you our interview with Athar!

What is your personal background?

My name is Athar Kouja and I am 23 years old. I live with my parents in a small village called Al Kouweichra in Akkar. I have a B.A in Biochemistry.

What is your business idea?

The absence of mineral water in my region as well as my major pushed me to think of a water-recycling project. Nevertheless, and upon my lack of experience in the field which will prevent me in turn of competing pushed me of think of an alternative project. My family owns a piece of land with a lake and this gave me the idea of opening a restaurant near the lake as well as an entertainment place for children.

What kind of experience do you have?

I am currently participating in my first training program with the Cherie Blair Foundation, Tomorrow’s Youth Organization and Rene Moawad Foundation in the WEL Project, which has given me many new business skills!

What is your dream?

Although I am not mature enough to start thinking of having my business, the family support was more than enough to encourage me to start a business. I always dream of being a successful lady in the society and of being to contribute to the development of Akkar. My first step is having a restaurant that will afford pleasure to the citizens of my region. Moreover, at the end of this project I will fulfill my dream.

Good luck, Athar, and all 20 women of the WEL project!