Announcing the Start of TYO’s Spring 2012 Session

TYO’s spring session will start on Monday, January 23, as teachers welcome new and returning students to the Core Child Program (CCP). The CCP team has worked hard to prepare classrooms and curricula, recruit students, reach out to parents, and finalize class lists. For 12 weeks, approximately 80 children ages four and five will attend non-formal preschool classes at the center, and 100 children ages six to eight will attend non-formal after-school programs. We are proud to have reached these children; nevertheless, we know that there are many more children who need our support.

The early childhood program (for 4- and 5-year-olds) will work on supporting children to experience and explore their world in a safe environment. They will learn new skills and build self-confidence through rotations in the art, sports, storytelling, and imagination rooms. This session, we have added 30 minutes to the morning Core Child Program, allowing for 10 extra minutes at each rotation. These added minutes with the children will allow us to engage them in preparing their classrooms and cleaning up their space, giving them a stronger sense of responsibility and belonging in their classrooms. Moreover, we learned from the last session that just 30 minutes in the art and imagination rooms was not enough time for children who have no toys and games at home. They need the opportunity to build more enjoyable moments.

TYO’s CCP team will help children in the afternoon Core Child Program to improve their IT and basketball skills, as well as their self-confidence and communication skills through creative drama and health classes. The afternoon CCP curriculum also includes fun, competitive activities using letters and words to help the children improve their writing and reading skills.  The CCP team will also focus on reducing symptoms such as anxiety and hyperactivity often afflicting our target groups through a variety of psychosocial interventions.


Suhad is the psychosocial program manager.