Public Diplomacy Partnership

TYO is proud to announce its Public Diplomacy partnership with the US Consulate in Jerusalem. This partnership brings American interns to participate in our International Internship Program in Nablus. As a part of this program, TYO's interns act as cultural ambassadors for their country and engage in a cross-cultural, global exchange with local staff members, volunteers, and children. One of the internship's major strengths is that interns are provided with the space for intercultural dialogue with their Palestinian peers everyday - both inside and outside of the classroom. The cross-cultural connections that TYO fosters seek to address the challenge in Nablus of being isolated from the rest of the world and the growing divides between the Middle East and North America. Most importantly, our interns leave Nablus with not only an understanding of Palestinian culture and its people, but also with lasting friendships and memories. They return home with a newfound understanding of Palestine, its culture and its people, and they are compelled to share their stories and experiences with others, increasing global interest in Nablus.

In conjunction with the US Consulate in Jerusalem, TYO is taking its intercultural dialogue to a new level, bringing American thematic programming to our center. Throughout the session, TYO will host library days and open days, based on American themes, for the children and youth of Nablus.

This session, all of our interns are implementing a strong English component into their curricula. TYO has found that although children in Nablus begin studying English in the first grade, their English language skills are extremely weak. In an attempt to close the gap created by Nablus' education system, the spring session will focus on English in every sports, art and drama class. We understand the importance of English and realize that it can open up opportunities for our students and our volunteers.

We are also offering critical thinking courses, English language courses for youth and adults, workshops for women's empowerment, and musical and theatrical performances in conjunction with the US Consulate. We hope that our new programming will increase the awareness of American values amongst Palestinians and also allow Americans to better understand Palestinian culture.


Tala is the International Internship Coordinator