Celebrating the Launch of the 50K in 50 Days Campaign!


Last night--Saturday, March 24--marked the official launch of TYO's 50K in 50 days campaign! To celebrate friends, supporters, TYO staff, and guest of honor, Usama Malik, gathered at Neyla Restaurant in Washington, DC to kick off the fundraising campaign with great food and conversation.


In October 2011, Usama Malik ran 6 consecutive marathons across the Sahara desert raising $30K for Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO).

In May 2012, Malik will run another 156 miles from Wadi al Rum to Petra, Jordan as part of the Racing the Planet series. Starting March 24, 2012. TYO is matching this feat by committing to raise $50K in 50 Days to provide TYO students and participants with locally produced, healthy lunches during 2012-2013 programming.

We are proud to announce that thanks to the generosity of last night's guests, we raised more than $2,000, covering 2 of the 50 days! We'd like to thank all the guests for their contributions and braving the rain to join us. A special message of gratitude goes out to Unison Agency who not only sponsored a day of the campaign, but also provided PR and graphic design assistance. Thank you Unison!

For the next 49 days, we will be blogging, fundraising, and spreading the word about our campaign and Usama's amazing race. Stay tuned to the TYO blog and Facebook for guest posts from Usama about his motivation and training; contests; photo stories; and events.

Get Involved!

Join the team as we race the planet by...

  • Pledging to give or raise $1,000 to cover one of the campaign days (great for birthdays, holidays, happy hours, walk-a-thons, and more!). Act now!
  • Donating what you can. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us meet our goal!
  • Spreading the word! Stay tuned to the TYO Blog, Facebook page, and share, re-post, tweet, and update your status.

For more information, contact Andrea Smith at andrea@tomorrowsyouth.org