TYO Round Up: Week of March 11

TYO evaluates the benefits of non-formal education on toxic stress as well as the state of at-risk youth in the Middle East, and gathers together with former Triple Exposure students in Nablus and the Pangea Delegation in Lebanon!


Sunday, march 11

TYO's Suhad participates in the International Youth Foundation's YOUTH@WORK conference in Amman to discuss issues of at-risk youth in the Middle East.

monday, march 12

Our interns share insight into the lovely young LADIES of their classes!


tuesday, march 13

Karen looks into the the benefits of non-formal education for combating TOXIC stress in adolescents as TYO does in the Core Program.


wednesday, march 14

Triple Exposure students old and new join together for a photography workshop to turn the world INSIDE out with art!


thursday, march 15

The PANGEA Advisors delegation from Columbia University's Business School makes its way to visit TYO Lebanon.


friday, march 16

TYO reveals key strategies for breaking down the BARRIER between girls and empowering education in honor of March's theme for Women's History Month.