TYO Round-Up: Week of March 18, 2012

Books, boys, and bold skills on the soccer field, TYO wraps up another exciting week!

Sunday, March 18

Books abound! TYO throws open the doors to the Nablus community for the bi-monthly LIBRARY Day!


monday, March 19

How does child DETENTION affect psychological growth? Suhad reports following the Ramallah conference with Save the Children and the YMCA.


tuesday, march 20

After reflections on sugar, spice, and everything nice with TYO's girls last week, interns follow up with reflections on snips, snails, and puppy dog tails-- an introduction to TYO's BOYS!


wednesday, march 21

Former intern coordinator CHELSEY Berlin fills us in on the Youth Solidarity Fund Evaluation Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.


wednesday, march 21

The TYO gals unite in a tour de force of GIRL POWER on the soccer field with their first victory game!


thursday, march 22

The Women's Group CELEBRATES Palestinian Mother's Day!


friday, march 23

TYO takes it back to SCHOOL with a look at the economic gains of education, dual education and training for parents and children, and an interactive quiz on early childhood education!