TYO Recommends: Friday, March 23, 2012

This week, TYO takes it back to school with a look at the economic gains of education to local communities, dual education for parents and kids, and the power of technology in art, and books post-disaster. Check out our early childhood education quiz!


A Dollar a Day, the Old-Fashioned Way. Can education and economics go hand in hand? Timothy Bartik of the W.E. Upjohn Institute for employment research releases a fascinating presentation on the “Local Benefits of Early Childhood Programs: Investing in Kids.” Bartik’s study evaluates and demonstrates the ECONOMIC GAINS reaped by increased emphasis on early childhood education. How do the numbers crunch? “Based on rigorous research, I conclude that for each $1 invested in high-quality early childhood programs, a state or local economy will get a $2 to $3 increase in the present value of local per capita earnings.”

KNOW thyself. Think you’ve got the “KNOW” when it comes to early childhood education? Take this test from “Invest in US” to find out just how much you know about books and bright pupils!

Like Parent, Like Child. Birth to Thrive measures the pulse on a new trend to co-educate parents and kids. Citing a strategy known as “DUAL GENERATION” from the Foundation for Child Development, the article highlights the numerous benefits of coordinating early childhood focused activities with job training and support for parents. Stable parents make for stable homes, and happier, more stable families. Finally, a more holistic family-centered focus we can get behind! Check out the dual generation focus TYO supports with the fusion of the children’s Core Program and our Women’s Group activities!

Talent, meet Technology. Much like TYO’s Triple Exposure program, giving the outside world a peek into the lives of Palestinian children as they see it on camera, TakingItGlobal’s Adobe Youth Voices program engages under-served youth with the creation of multimedia ARTWORK that expressed their myriad background and experiences. Across the globe, AYV has gone viral, spreading to six different countries and over 1,000 youth participants and growing—truly a technology takeover of the best kind!

How Books Build. Rebuilding post-disaster, UNICEF’s CloudKid brings an ANIMATED short demonstrating the power of education in post-disaster zones: [vimeo 37179187 585]

ManUp Stands Up. Man Up, an organization fighting against violence against women and girls around the world, recently held a benefit and auction to raise AWARENESS in recognition of International Women’s Day earlier this week! The Huffington Post reports.

Also, check out the upcoming WEBINAR on March 27 from the US Department of Education focusing on the foundations of mathematics in early learning!

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