Congratulations TYO Champion, Usama Malik!

Thanks to my family, friends, and TYO for their love and support. Honored to have had the privilege to engage with my inspirational community to reach our goal for TYO. Sorry to have broken my commitment. Recovery and redemption ahead. I will announce my redemption song in the coming days, and provide more context and reflections to end this particular chapter.

-Usama Malik

On Tuesday, three-quarters into stage three of the Racing the Planet - Jordan 2012 race Usama Malik was forced to withdraw due to a pre-existing ITB injury that worsened over the first couple of days of the race. He is now in the company of family and friends, resting up and  recovering for the celebratory fundraising event in Amman this Sunday, that is to continue supporting the 50k in 50 Days campaign. TYO applauds Usama's strong-will and heroism in meeting such a colossal challenge head-on, all the while maintaining focus and determination to very last painful moment. Over the two 4 Deserts races Usama has participated in he has helped raise over 80k for TYO and inspired countless people to make life less about themselves and more about the betterment of the global community. Sounds like a victory to us! Mabrouk, Usama - We Heart U!

Stay tuned for an in-depth post-race reflection from Usama that will detail the last moments before he pulled from the race, his honest feelings about the journey, plans for recovery, and next steps for continued support of TYO. Until then, enjoy the slideshow below of supporters around the world who purchased specially designed I Heart U shirts (whose complete proceeds went to the 50k in 50 days fundraising campaign) to show their solidarity with Usama and commitment to TYO. A warm thank you to all who made contributions to 50k in 50 days. Our children at TYO will be better off with the healthy snacks your generosity will help us provide for them.


-Samin Samin is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Empowerment Programs.