TYO Round Up: Week of May 20, 2012

This week around Nablus and Beirut!

Sunday, May 20

TYO's Psychosocial Program Manager SUHAD Jabi makes the call for institutionalized early childhood education in Palestine.


Monday, May 21

TYO intern alum AIMEE Allen Be reminisces on how she first fell in love... with her TYO students!!


Tuesday, May 22

Intern alum HANNAH McIntire speaks on the influences her internship with TYO has had on her future career plans.


Wednesday, May 23

Escalating violence in northern LEBANON reaches a peak this week.


Thursday, May 24

Exciting new ADDITIONS to the Women's Group this week!


Friday, May 25

From absenteeism to obesity, an examination of alarming TRENDS in education, including a closer correlation between academic attainment and voting behavior in America.