Active Learning in Lebanon from 2nd Grade to University

TYO-Lebanon is in the process of recruiting university students for our Child Friendly Schools project. Students will be selected from some of the best universities in Beirut, such as American University of Beirut, Haigazian and the Lebanese American University. University students, along with select group of educators from the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, will participate in several workshops focused on the importance and implementation of non-formal and active learning.

Not only will students have an amazing chance to educate themselves on a successful ECD model of intervention, they will also benefit from participating in a workshop environment with experienced teachers from a different spectrum of Lebanese society and repertoire of knowledge.  For many undergraduates and fresh graduates coming from Beirut, this will be a new and possibly life altering experience. Educators and students can build on each other's knowledge as both have much to contribute to the workshops and to each other.

Personal growth is often a byproduct of being involved in workshops that involve discussions and interactive group work. In some ways, the workshops are in themselves an example of the benefits of active learning! Workshops are often found to assist in the development of important skills in leadership, problem solving and communication. Students and educators with have an opportunity to experience themselves in new ways and in new roles, which leads to reduced social anxiety more confidence and flexibility in perceptive. Debates and discussions between people from diverse backgrounds, is the ideal condition for creativity and growth. TYO-Lebanon is confident that the CFS project will continue to show a multitude of benefits for all of those involved.