TYO Round Up: Week of June 17, 2012

This week TYO honors World Refugee Day, explores initiatives, psychiatry and community needs in Nablus, and welcomes three new interns to the HQ staff!

 Sunday, June 17

There are only seven psychiatrists in Palestine, but TYO still works to provide important psychiatric services to Core Program participants.


Monday, June 18

The international interns reflect on the Community Needs Assessment and its connection to their classes.


Tuesday, June 19

Meet Elly, Maddie and Rachel, the three new interns joining the headquarters team!


Wednesday, June 20

TYO introduces the YALLA initiatives, which suggest improvements on tourism in Palestine, a park for Deir al-Hatab, a public botanical garden and aid for children with disabilities.

Wednesday, June 20

The interns discuss their classes, their peers, and what they've learned so far from the children of Nablus.


Thursday, June 21

TYO explores the amazing potential for female entrepreneurs, in Lebanon and around the world.


Friday, June 22

TYO honors World Refugee Day with inspiring stories from around the world, projects created by innovative refugees, and a summer reading list for both children and adults on refugee issues.