TYO Recommends: Friday, June 29


This week TYO explores a variety of photographs and annual reports, considers the value of student happiness in education, and congratulates the first Olympic athlete to represent Palestine!

Interactive Annual Reports. UNHCR’s recently published global TRENDS report explores the state of refugees and impoverished women and children around the world and AMIDEAST’s ANNUAL report tells the stories of their most inspiring students, innovators, and programs. Informative infographics and extensive research makes each of these reports a wealth of information!

Playing the Refugee Game. Could you survive as a refugee? Find out with the NEW APP from UNHCR. Make tough decisions and put yourself in a refugee's shoes when faced with life and death situations. Coming soon to iPhone and Android!

Photographing the Arab Spring. This fall, the British Museum in London will feature a collection of PHOTOGRAPHY by Middle Eastern documenting social and political changes in recent years, as well as scenes in every day life. With works from Iran to Egypt and Palestine, the exhibit promises to be a fascinating one! Check out the Guardian’s exclusive preview.

Going for the Gold! In qualifying for the 2012 London Games, Maher Abu Rmeileh will become the first athlete to represent Palestine in the Olympics. In this video, the modest judo champion speaks with his fans as he gears up for the summer games.

[youtube oLFuTguy0CE 585]

Does Education Make Students Happy? No, one educator argues, it’s actually the other way around. A recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego reveals that HAPPINESS is a motivator, and that happy students are more likely to pursue their goals. So what should take precedence in schools, education or happiness? Maybe a healthy mix of both!

How to Prevent Copy Cats. CHEATING in the classroom can seem unpreventable, as students constantly come up with new and clever ways to circumvent the system. But as one teacher breaks down the motivations for cheating, he identifies a number of creative ways to deter the copy cats while making learning fun!