TYO Round Up: Week of June 24

This week TYO moves forward on schools projects, checks in on the YALLA initiative, recognizes the documentary work of one of our volunteers, talks personal happiness with the Women's Group and catches up with the interns!

Sunday, June 24

TYO-Lebanon brings talented university students from across the country together to initiate the Child Friendly Schools project.


Monday, June 25

The interns discuss deeper meanings behind simple words, actions and hand gestures, and how they’ve applied them in class.


Tuesday, June 26

An-Najah University student and longtime TYO volunteer Khamees Abu Saad shares his PhotoPhilanthropy documentary on child labor in Nablus.


Tuesday, June 26

TYO catches up with the YALLA  winners as they’re assigned to Youth Leadership Committee mentors and get started on their projects!


Wednesday, June 27

The inters talk about the amazing potential in their students and fellow volunteers, and about their peers who have surpassed expectations.


Thursday, June 28

Shirin Sayed, founder of ROA For Thinking and Creative Engineering, speaks to the Women’s Group and shares five tips for happiness.


Friday, June 29

TYO looks at photographs from across the Middle East, explores new annual reports, examines educational tactics and congratulates Maher Abu Rmeileh, the first Palestinian Olympic athlete!