Happiness, Love, and Smiles Before Parting

Ending the session with a celebratory party means a lot to me and to the attendees of The Women’s Group (TWG), so last week we did just that and shared a lot of happiness, love, and smiles before parting until next session.

After 12 weeks of learning in fitness, English, IT, Crafts and Photography classes, as well as seminars we like to honor women for their efforts and commitment to the program. They have accomplished so much this session and deserve to be acknowledged.

During the end-of-session party there we set up various stations of fun activities including crafts, music and dance, manicure station, card games and so on. Also, interns Mitch, Sarah, Jay, Hannah, Mary Jo and Hilary awarded women with certificates of completion to express how proud they were of the women for giving 100% to the classes. These certificates will also serve not just as a memory of TWG, but more specifically as reminders for attendees of the support of each of their teachers, their helpful peers and new friends. One Advanced English student presented a speech in English before the class, and several Beginner IT students presented original Power Point presentations they learned to create in class based on lessons learned in seminars. One Beginner IT student, Malak, shared the state of depression she was in prior to joining TWG because she felt old and no longer had a purpose. However, since joining the program she feels pride and happiness for doing something unexpected with her life. She said, “I can use the computer and I feel confident for being able to attain new knowledge even in my old age.”

This party resembles a sort of graduation ceremony, tears in the eyes of many women when they saying goodbye to their teachers and new friends. This is proof to me that TYO is a place that provides many of the women love and security they are missing in other areas of their lives. I want to make sure they continue regarding TYO in such a way, and it will remain their home away from home.

For me these women are family and it is wonderful to close the session with the memory of their smiling facing and sincere appreciation. And of course they remembered not to leave before being sure they will be registered for next session. Ladies, I will miss you, but see you soon!



Inas Badawi is the Program Assistant of The Women's Group.