TYO Recommends: Friday, July 27


This week, TYO catches up with Mohammed and Jamila in Washington, explores the pros and cons of gender mixing in schools, and discovers the power of reading with a fun cartoon!

Mohammed and Jamila Go to Washington! While in the United States, the two YLC leaders took a moment to sit down with Palestine Note for an interview.

[youtube https://youtu.be/qzqyk4fdtLo]


The Million Dollar Question: What is the smartest way to invest your money? Forbes says in WOMEN. Studies show that investing in women raises not just household income but also the national GDP, as they are more likely to spend their money on food, healthcare, home improvement, and schooling. This is a rising global trend, one that Forbes has appropriately called "The Women Effect Investment."

Catching Cooties? The debate over CO-EDUCATION is heating up, as the American Civil Liberties Union seeks to integrate Mississippi schools. What are the costs and benefits of mixed gender classrooms? Opponents argue that gender segregation undermines equality and reinforces harmful stereotypes, but could separate education be beneficial at this stage in youth education? Time Magazine has the scoop.

Separation in Saudi Arabia. America isn't the only country struggling with the issue of gender segregation in the classroom. SAUDI ARABIA does that and more, leading Freedom House to call its education system a "Curriculum of Intolerance." Just how is Saudi Arabia failing its students - mainly its girls - and what can it do better? A public school teacher from Riyadh has some ideas.

Reading Gives You Superpowers. Dav Pilkey, author of the infamous children's series Captain Underpants, has something to say: a short animated clip on how with reading, kids can do anything!

[youtube https://youtu.be/wvpwTHSt0vk 585]